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Welcome to the online health and wellness expert network.

SightLinx is an industry first research solution to rapid knowledge and idea sharing across the health and wellness industry. Our mission is to facilitate the exchange of information to improve our health care system.


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Who Makes Up Our Network


If you are a human resource manager, benefits manager, or decision maker involved with your company's selection and purchase of insurance or related services


If you serve as a distribution channel or interface between insurance service providers and customers and consider yourself an agent, broker, and/or benefits consultant

Thought Leaders

If you are a health and wellness thought leader, contributor, or stakeholder other than an employer or agent/ broker/benefits consultant

Current Studies

Strategic Planning Collaborative
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  • 2014-06-30
  • 45-60min
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  • 2014-08-21
  • 10min

SightLinx White Papers

The Potential Impacts of Federal Health Care Reform on Brokers, Producers, and Agents

A 2010 article outlining the potential impacts health insurance reform may have on brokers, producers and agents.

The Implications of Reform on the US Health Insurance Industry

The health care landscape continues to rapidly evolve, fueled by change from reform and the unstable economic environment. Health insurance plans...

Small Group Affordability

Small companies (less than 50 employees) are responsible for nearly 30% of the entire working population in the United States. This important and...

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